Vocal Point-Dave Chase

Topic: The Opioid Crisis

It is reported now that more Americans are killed by the opioid crisis than die in car accidents.  Dave Chase is the co-founder of Health Rosetta and author of the new book, The Opioid Crisis Wake-up Call. He notes that this crisis begins with overprescribing. Dave Chase says, “The overprescribing epidemic is a direct result of our broken healthcare system, and the extraordinary amount of fraud we’re seeing is unacceptable. The fact that it’s gone undetected for so long is a testament to our healthcare system at large. American lives are at stake. If medical professionals push opioids like drug dealers, they are no better than your local drug dealer on the corner—they must be stopped if we’re ever going to solve this catastrophe that’s been plaguing our nation for years.” Dave Chase joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss America’s opioid crisis. www.healthrosetta.org