Vocal Point-Steven Mosher

Topic: The Origin of the Pandemic

The coronavirus that has upended the world did not just come out of nowhere. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims that it came out of the wet markets of Wuhan, a city of about 11 million people. But critics note that it originated in Wuhan’s biolab. Steven Mosher, the president and founder or the Population Research Institute, says that at the biolab too many corners were being cut so the virus escaped from the lab. But the CCP tried to hide these things. They allowed flights from Wuhan to the rest of the world, but not flights from Wuhan to other parts of China. The CCP operates from a godless base that devalues human life. And yet many Americans blame Trump more than the CCP for the pandemic. Steven Mosher joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this pandemic and the CCP’s culpability for it and how it has spread so widely. www.pop.org