2022 Version of “Who Is This Jesus”

Here is a wonderful new documentary from D. James Kennedy Ministries that all of us in the TV-department contributed to on the Person of Jesus, the Gospels, Prophecies Fulfilled, and His resurrection. This is “Who Is This Jesus: Is He the Only Way?” Some of the guests in this program include Dr. Mike Licona, Dr. Paul Maier, Dr. Craig Evans, Dr. Michael Youssef, Dr. Sam Lamerson, etc.

Just in time for Resurrection Day 2022.

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:


This very special presentation is the first of two parts of our special documentary, Who Is This Jesus: Is He the Only Way? As we approach Easter, the airwaves are once again filled with skeptical scholars claiming that the New Testament accounts of Christ cannot be trusted.

And yet, untold numbers of people have been transformed by this Jesus. What does the evidence actually show? Are the Bible’s accounts of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus true, and can they be trusted? Is Jesus the only way to God? We will talk with scholars and pastors as we seek to cast aside the myths and distortions, and discover the truth.

Watch now to see part one.


Who Is This Jesus: Is He the Only Way?
In Part 2 of our must-see documentary, liberal scholars claim that the Bible’s accounts of Jesus cannot be trusted. But, what does the evidence surrounding the New Testament and Jesus Christ actually show? Watch now to see part 2.

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