3 Critical Voting Issues: Check the Platforms

When I consider this never-ending campaign, all I can think is: I need a bath. Have we become the Tawdry States of America?

The current election is like a Soap Opera. We’re becoming shell-shocked by allegations of womanizing and by charges of alleged voter fraud and intimidation—e.g., hiring homeless people to provoke fights at the opposition candidate’s rallies, etc. Somewhere, Richard Nixon must be smirking. After this election, maybe we will all need a bath.

This may well be the election when the idea that “character matters” was shattered in America. Yet character was so important that it is implied in the word “election.” How so?

The word election comes from the Bible and not politics. I once interviewed Dr. Donald Lutz, political science professor at the University of Houston. He wrote the book, The Origins of American Constitutionalism.

Dr. Lutz told me, “Elections were designed by these Americans in the early era for a virtuous people to help identify who amongst them are more virtuous. Who are those who are most likely to be among the elect, those who are most likely to be saved?….Therefore, we, in this country, expect those people who are elected to be virtuous.”

The professor notes that it wasn’t enough that the candidates simply said that they were decent people. Their actions had to match their words: “And then, we would quiz them very carefully.  How did you perform in the past? Were you God-fearing and were you pursuing the common good in the way you voted, the way you behaved, the way you acted? If not, I’m not going to vote for you. And so, we would filter upward men or women of greater virtue to higher office.”

We are far removed from our Puritan roots. But there are clear differences in the parties and their policies. It is wrong for Christians to abandon their civic duty to vote in comport with their biblical values. This election will have far-reaching consequences for good or ill that could impact our nation for years to come.

Just think about the Supreme Court. The next president could well nominate two or three justices to the high court. Hillary has promised justices that would uphold the pro-abortion-rights view of Roe v. Wade. Trump has promised justices like Antonin Scalia.

For the confused Christian voter, I think perhaps the best thing to do in this election is to compare the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties. Yes, there are flawed candidates on the ballots, but the differences in the approaches of these two parties are stark.

I must credit the Salt & Light Council for their Comparison of Majority Party Platform 2016 Positions. These quotes come from this comparison, based on the GOP and Democratic Platforms.

Where do the parties stand on the issue of life, including abortion?

Democratic Party: “Appoint judges who’ll protect a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion (pg. 25). Will continue to battle Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood (pg. 37).”

Republican Party: “Appoint judges who’ll support Sanctity of Life at all stages. Oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage. (pgs. 13-14).”

Where do the parties stand on the issue of marriage and the family?

Democrat Party: “Same-sex ‘marriage’ is accepted and embraced. LGBT rights will be defended and championed. (pg. 19).”

Republican Party: “The foundation of society is the family—the union of one man and one woman. (pg. 11).”

Where do the parties stand on the issue of religious freedom?

Democrat Party: “Will defend freedom of religion for ‘religious minorities’(groups in the Middle East), but no other mention of protections here in the states. (pg.19).”

Republican Party: “Full religious freedom at all times everywhere. Full repeal of the Johnson Amendment (pg. 11).” [The Johnson Amendment refers to a move by LBJ to limit the impact of churches and ministries to speak out on political issues and candidates.]

Other questions could be asked, such as, where do the parties stand on keeping us safe from radical Islam? We see stark differences on this issue. We also see major differences in the worldviews evident in reference to the issue of “climate change.”

Also we should ask where the parties stand on the issue of the national debt. The Bible says it is a wicked person who borrows and does not repay. How can our government continue to rack up trillions of dollars in debt for our children and grandchildren to have to pay?

This election should tell us loud and clear that we need a great revival in this country. In America we get the government we deserve. If you don’t like the direction our nation is now taking, then make sure to vote and not stay home and just complain about the results.