May 18, 2024

Atheist Turns Believer After Studying the Evidence

[Pictured: J. Warner Wallace, former atheist] D. James Kennedy Ministries writes: “Having given thanks this week, we now enter fully into the Christmas season. On this program, we’ll hear from Dr. D. James Kennedy on why you can trust the biblical accounts of Christ. And we meet a former homicide detective who tells us that investigating the evidence leads us to the truth that the Bible is the Word of God. ”

Included in this program is the story (beginning about 3:00 in) produced by Jerry Newcombe that tells the story of an atheist who became a believer in Jesus, out of his background of being a cold-case homicide detective in Los Angeles. When he applied his skills of reading transcripts, even of dead people, he learned who was lying and who was telling the truth. When he was challeneged to apply his transcript-reading skills to the four Gospels, he ended up becoming a Christian. His name is J. Warner Wallace, and he makes a cameo in the movie, GOD’S NOT DEAD2. His website is Recently, Wallace wrote a book with Sean McDowell (son of Josh) on passing the faith on to the next generation, So the Next Generation Will Know.