Comments from Dennis Prager on Anti-Semitism and from Erwin Lutzer on Israel at 75

Pictured: Dennis Prager and the Author. In a recent column on Israel celebrating its 75th birthday, which included some remarks about anti-Semitism, I featured some comments from Dennis Prager and from Erwin Lutzer.

From the column…

Dennis Prager makes an interesting observation about the push to destroy Israel. He said, “Nobody gives a hoot if you criticize Israel. If you support those who wish to destroy it, that’s different….There are a million hatreds in the world, but there’s only one exterminationist hatred, and that’s anti-Semitism. Anti-Semites don’t dislike Jews. I wish that was all they did, you could live with this. You can’t live with people who want to exterminate you.”

In light of America’s overall history of officially honoring religious freedom for the Jews, Susan Michael notes, “I cannot believe that my country has this rise of anti-Semitism that we see taking place. But it does. And so it’s very important that we let the Jewish people know that we are with them, that we support them, that we’re praying for them, and that we stand with Israel. It’s a great comfort to them at this time.”

Jerry’s note: Dennis Prager made these remarks in a television interview for D. James Kennedy Ministries. One can see him make these remarks in an upcoming episode of Truths That Transform, hosted by Dr. Robert J. Pacienza.

More from the column…

“The 75th anniversary of Israel as a state is a tremendous milestone,” notes Rev. Erwin Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus, Moody Church, in a recent television interview for D. James Kennedy Ministries.

He concludes, “And we should rejoice in the fact that there is, in the Middle East, a country that believes in democracy, and that, of course stands in contrast to all the countries around it. And so we congratulate them on this special time and hope that Israel continues to exist. We, of course, know that America is friends with Israel; and we pray for their continued blessing and existence.”

Jerry’s note: You can see Erwin Lutzer make these comments on Truths That Transform.