Feature on Greta and Climate Change

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes, “America stands at a precipice. Behind us lies our solid history of constitutional freedom, based on God-given rights. And over the cliff in front of us lies the madness of a statist, socialist dystopia. Will we go over the edge in 2020? We are speaking out this month on some of the great moral, ethical, and cultural questions of our time.

“On this program, you’ll discover how our religious freedom is inextricably connected with all our other freedoms—which are being lost moment by moment. And we tear away the veil over what is perhaps the single greatest mechanism for stealing your freedom–the modern environmental movement.”

Watch for the feature produced by Jerry Newcombe, about 3:00 in, about Greta and about how the push to climate change (supposedly man-made catastrophic global warming) is ultimately a push for socialism.