Feature on the SPLC’s Overuse of the Word “Hate”

When is “hate” not really hate? When the SPLC says a group is a hate group. They blur truth with fiction. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit leftist group based in Montgomery, AL, has a “hate map,” which lists more than a thousand “hate groups” in America. The problem is with how they define a “hate group.” They literally mix legitimate Christian organizations, with whom they disagree because they don’t like what the Bible says about marriage, with real hate groups, like the KKK or neo-Nazis or skinheads. They do profiles of “extremists of hate” on people like David Barton or David Horowitz or Tony Perkins because they disagree with their conservative political views.

Here is a television program on the SPLC from a conservative Christian perspective, produced by D. James Kennedy Ministries. It includes a feature produced by Jerry Newcombe on the overuse by the SPLC of the word “hate.” If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.