Frogs, Bugs, and Daddies

Dr. Jerry Newcombe preached the sermon at the newly partially reopened service at New Presbyterian Church on Sunday, June 21, 2020. This was for Father’s Day. The text was Exodus 8, dealing with the 2nd, third, and 4th plagues of Egypt.

The message begins in this video—about half way in.

Note: A drawing of the Egyptian goddess, Heket (also known as Hator) is made reference to. Heket had the body of a woman and the face of a frog. The D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible talks about how the Ten Plagues were not just judgments against the Egyptians for enslaving the Hebrews for 400 years, but they were also judgments against prominent gods of the Egyptians, such as the Nile or the sun—both of which the Egyptians worshiped.

Here is Heket.

Heqet | Mythology Wiki | Fandom

Here is the message (about 30 minutes from the top):





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