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This time marks the 400th anniversary of Plymouth

New Video Documentary Tells the Pilgrim Story

In these times of national uncertainty, it’s important to rediscover our nation’s roots. In this day when many are trying to destroy our history, it is important to rediscover our true history. In recent weeks, about 200 historical statues have been toppled by unruly mobs or removed by elected officials. Some have called for the abolition of teaching American history, and there are efforts to continue to rewrite our history. In short, there is a war on America as founded.

America is not a happy accident. Just as ideas have consequences, the freedom in America is rooted in some key principles—the foremost of which is that our rights come from God.

Four centuries ago, the Pilgrims established Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was not British North America’s first colony. But the Pilgrims initiated a lot of positive things that are still with us to this day, such as recognizing our God-given rights, the importance of the rule of law, respect and tolerance toward others—even those who are different than us, the importance of free enterprise, and rule by the consent of the governed. Even our annual holiday of Thanksgiving gets back to them. To this day, America, despite all its flaws, is a dream for many around the world clamoring to come here.

This documentary, The Pilgrims, celebrates the journey of a small group of outcasts in their  quest for religious freedom. This is the first episode in The Foundation of American Liberty series by award-winning TV-producer and author Dr. Jerry Newcombe, highlighting the critical role that the Judeo-Christian tradition played in the shaping of America. Guests in the series include Os Guinness, Eric Metaxas, John Eidsmoe, Cal Beisner, David Gibbs, Peter Lillback, Jenna Ellis, Father Leon Hutton, Rev. Billy Falling, and Walter Williams, Marshall Foster, Walter Williams, Daniel Dreisbach, and Judge (Ret.) Darrell White, Joyce Burgess, etc. Voice work in different parts of the series include Mike Huckabee, Richard Land, Michael Medved, Allen West, Nick Mancuso, Jim Angle, etc.

Guests in this particular episode include: Dennis Prager,  Alveda King, Paul Jehle, Leo Martin, Rod Gragg, Bill Federer,  and William Wrestling Brewster, the great-grandson (by 9x) of the defacto Pilgrim Pastor, Elder Brewster.




What Others Are Saying About “The Pilgrims”

“Brilliant…absolutely wonderful.” –Paul Strand, CBN News-TV Producer/Reporter

“Masterpiece.” –Rod Gragg, historian, author of The Pilgrim Chronicles

“Sets the record straight about the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.”  Thomas Mann-Librarian, Broward County

“Excellent” ­–Marc Mailloux, Missionary

“Impressive!” – Jett Pons, 13-year old homeschooler

“Did you know the Pilgrims practiced socialism? Have you heard that those who don’t know History are doomed to repeat it? Brainy and inspiring, this historically accurate work is a must watch for all Americans, especially young people! It is a quick, yet thorough, real education on the Pilgrims, and the back story, for such a time as this!”

-Tracy Pons, Florida Parent Educators Association ( (Home school leader, mother of Jett)

“We watched it Sunday evening and enjoyed every minute of it. I wish all school age children could see it.”              -Judy Henderson-Pierce, pianist

“Awesome” –Christian publisher, Jerry Nordskog

“VERY WELL DONE!!!!!  I can’t wait to go back and watch it again to pick up on some facts I didn’t know!”     -Church Secretary, Ginger Loomis

“Jerry, thanks for sending the first installment in what will surely become an important and popular series — congratulations to you, and may you enjoy strength and providential power as you continue to progress through our amazing history.” –Michael Medved, Bestselling author/Talk Radio Host

“…very informative…” –Diana Cox, Professor of English, South Florida Bible College

“Very impressive” –Mike Ward, Former Church Facilities Manager

“Great. Can’t wait to see it again.” –Kathy Parkes, Grandmother of 17

“Very well done, very well done.” –Dick Briggs, retired teacher (including 12 years in Plymouth, Massachusetts)

“Carol and I enjoyed your film, ‘The Pilgrims.’ Very informative! …If you don’t mind we want to watch it a second time.” –Paul Moore, Deacon, New Presbyterian Church, Wilton Manors, FL

“Loved it….wonderful.” —Ray Mallory, carpenter, and his wife Nancy

“I want to know how I can get more.” –Jean Yao (native of Taiwan), 3D artist

“In an age when much of our American history is either ignored or distorted, this film is a valuable resource.”   -Dorothea McQueen, retired teacher

“Very nice…very good.”  -Larry Ott, Kraer Funeral Home


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