Is the Sun Setting on America?

America sure is in need of great revival.

Recently, I received an email from an author of the novel, Good Griefwhich is essentially based on the book I co-wrote with Dr. D. James Kennedy, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? Good Grief shows a world that is devastating to live in—because it is without Christian influence.

Today in modern America, anti-Christian forces are working overtime to try and erase or punish Christian influence.

Oscar Lynch, the author of Good Grief, responded to me in an email, stating:

Just read your article on the death of the concept of absolute truth
at It was outstanding, powerful and pertinent. Maybe
THE most important issue of our time.
I am completely broken by witnessing my beloved America commit
suicide right before my eyes; it is painful to watch, as an old man
who remembers her when she was still morally sane. if I didn’t have
an eternal hope that this is not how it ends, would be in complete
despair. Every time my wife and I go back to the states on fulough,
the moral decline seems more advanced and appears to be picking
up more speed. And much of that, as you said, is the result of us no
longer believing in truth. I also read the WSJ poll results that you
quoted in that piece; hardly shocking, but a tragedy on steroids!
I trust you and yours are well. I will never forget my interactions with
you and your wife about my book. That you took time to respectfully
respond to a nobody is something I will always cherish. I hope one
day, after God says “Enough!” to this mess we’ve made of this world,
we will get to meet and talk on the Other Side. Until then, please,
please continue shining His light on this dark culture.
Many Blessings,
Oscar Lynch
Note from Jerry: This was in response to my article, “Does Truth Matter?” Short answer: Yes, it does.