April 22, 2024

Judicial Tyranny Exposed

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes: “The United States Supreme Court has played a pivotal role in the culture wars in recent decades. From abortion to same-sex marriage, an activist court has been re-writing the Constitution to suit the policy preferences of the majority of its justices. But the opportunity to put a stop to it is finally upon us.

“Justice Anthony Kennedy, the swing vote on the Court, is retiring, and President Trump has nominated a new judge to take his place. On this program, we’ll look at the nominee, and you’ll get an inside look at the problem with our out-of-control judiciary.

“And you’ll have an opportunity to make your voice heard to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, the new nominee.”

This program includes a segment (beginning about halfway in) produced by Jerry Newcombe on the problem of judicial tyranny and what we can do about it.