April 16, 2024

Listen to Various Interviews of Jerry Newcombe Regarding A CITY ON A HILL

A CITY ON A HILL is the latest film in the Foundation of American Liberty series, released by Providence Forum. For more information on the series, click here.

A CITY ON A HILL is an hourlong documentary produced by Jerry Newcombe which deals with the Puritans’ settlement of Boston, of other parts of New England, and other early colonies in British North America that became the United States. The film documents America’s Christian roots, and it culminates with William Penn and his “holy experiment” (in religious liberty), Pennsylvania. Jerry Newcombe is the executive director of Providence Forum, which was founded by Dr. Peter Lillback. Lillback and Newcombe joined forces and produced the book, GEORGE WASHINGTON’S SACRED FIRE.

Here are various recent interviews on A CITY ON A HILL…..

Listen to Jerry Newcombe on A CITY ON A HILL in a discussion with Dr. Tim Clinton, co-host or Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.

Listen to Bob Crittenden of Faith Radio of Mongomery, Alabama as he interviews Jerry Newcombe about A CITY ON A HILL.

Listen to Eric and Brigitte (with Jill Duquette filling in for Brigitte) interviewing Jerry Newcombe on WRMB, a Moody-affiliate radio station on A CITY ON A HILL.

Listen to Kerby Anderson talk with Jerry Newcombe on Point of View radio about A CITY ON A HILL

Watch Jerry Newcombe being interviewed on A CITY ON A HILL for Victory-TV.  Note: Jerry’s part begins at about 18:15 in, from the beginning.

Listen to Alex McFarland on the “Hamilton Corner” of American Family Association radio talk with Jerry Newcombe about the film.