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American Amnesia is a collection of about 150 columns (with an index) by Jerry Newcombe built around three major themes: Part 1-Remembering Our Nation’s Judeo-Christian Roots; Part 2 Renewing Our Role as Active Citizens; Part 3 Recovering Our Religious Liberty in the Face of a Militant Secularism.
This book deals with a variety of Christian themes, including Jesus Christ;  Hollywood and the Media; the Bible; the Church; Christian-bashing; Christmas—“the Advent of controversy;” Christian History; Science; Islam; the Seven Deadly Sins; Apologetics, the Defense of the Faith; and Death.
Jerry’s book (with Mark Beliles): Doubting Thomas? The Religious Life and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson. See
Enjoy the wit and wisdom of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, as compiled by Jerry Newcombe
Beside Still Waters D. James Kennedy and Jerry NewcombeBeside Still Waters, a day-by-day devotional with the opportunity for journaling (2011)
Great advice on how to solve many of today’s pressing issues for America can be founding by those who helped create this country. See Jerry Newcombe’s In the Footsteps of Giants. This book was originally called Answers from the Founding Fathers. See Bill Federer’s outstanding Foreword to this book.
The Book that Made America The Bible played a pivotal role in the founding of America. Jerry Newcombe’s The Book that Made America documents that. Here’s Jerry commenting on the book.
The Presence of a Hidden God Here is a book of advanced apologetics by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe, The Presence of a Hidden God (the title being based on a phrase from Blaise Pascal)
The Real Messiah Jesus fulfilled 100s of prophecies. This book documents those. The Real Messiah: Prophecies Fulfilled by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe
How Would Jesus Vote? This book by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe How Would Jesus Vote? provides a Christian view on the issues.
(The theme is How Would Jesus Have Us Vote?)
Cross Purposes Here are 48 meditations on the greatest demonstration of love in the history of the world.Cross Purposes by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe
George Washington's Sacred Fire Amazon #1 Bestseller by Peter Lillback with Jerry Newcombe, George Washington’s Sacred Fire shatters the modern myth that our first president was supposedly a Deist
Lord of All D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe wrote a primer on having a Christian worldview, entitled, Lord of All.
Jerry also hosts a 7-part DVD curriculum based on the book
D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe compassionately examine the question, What’s Wrong with Same-Sex Marriage?
Christ's Passion Christ’s Passion: The Power and the Promise

by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe

What if America Were a Christian Nation Again? D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe examine the question, What If America Were a Christian Nation Again?
The DaVinci Myth vs. The Gospel Truth The DaVinci Code is fine if you take it all as fiction. But it claims to have a factual historical backdrop—which is not true. This book by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe sorts fact from fictionThe DaVinci Myth vs. the Gospel Truth
One Nation Under God There are 10 things every Christian know about the founding of America. Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. and Jerry Newcombe show what they are in One Nation Under God
Who Is This Jesus? Jesus changed all of history when He rose again from the dead. This book provides ample proof of the resurrection. Who Is This Jesus: Is He Risen? by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe
Coming Again Well-meaning Christians disagree on the specifics dealing with the end-times. Documentary-producer Jerry Newcombe tackles this subject without taking sides, exploring the major perspectives on the issue in the book, Coming Again
A Way of Escape Scandal-proof your life by looking at temptation in light of the seven deadly sins (and their opposites). Read A Way of Escape by Jerry and Kirsti Newcombe.
I'll Do It Tomorrow If you have a problem with procrastination, I’ll Do It Tomorrow may help. By Jerry and Kirsti Newcombe, featuring many Johnny Hart BC cartoons
What if the Bible Had Never Been Written? The impact on the Bible on Western Civilization is enormous and positive. See D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe’s book,

New Every Morning God’s mercies are new every morning. New Every Morning is a day-by-day devotional by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe.
The Moral of the Story Jerry Newcombe compiled about 80 stories in a Christian-type version of the book of virtues, entitled The Moral of the Story: Timeless Tales to Cherish and Share
The gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Christian-bashing is quite popular these days. D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe examine this issue in The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail
What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? by D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe documents the positive influence of Christianity in history and in our culture