New TV Special on WHAT IF JESUS-Parts 1 and 2

SPECIAL What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? Parts 1 and 2

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:

The impact of Jesus Christ is like an earthquake, extending out from Jerusalem to transform the entire world. Dr. D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe wrote about it in the bestselling book, “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?”, We share a special documentary program based on that book, which we’re sharing with you on this program.

Modern revisionist historians tell a false story about the impact of Jesus on planet earth. But as you’ll discover in this program, Jesus and his followers have positively impacted virtually every sphere of life, including some that may surprise you.

See Part 1 of this program here.

See Part 2 of this program here.

Here’s a trailer for this program.

Also, here‘s a 9 minute sneak peek at the program.