April 22, 2024

“Pilgrims Give Thanks”

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes, “Though we still celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday every year, many have forgotten what it’s about. That’s not surprising, when school children now falsely learn that Thanksgiving was a time when the Pilgrims gave thanks to the Indians, and when politicians now berate appointees for office because of their Christian faith.”

And it adds, “We’ve drifted a long way from our founding principles. On today’s program, we will look at those principles, and how they have guaranteed the freest, most prosperous nation in modern history. And we’ll share a resource with you that will bolster your biblical faith as you revel in the truths of America’s founding.”

Dr. Frank Wright interviews Dr. Jerry Newcombe at the top of the program. Then comes a portion of D. James Kennedy’s message “Pilgrims Give Thanks.” Also, starting about 15 minutes from the top comes a piece produced by Jerry Newcombe about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.