See Our TV Special on George Soros

Our ground-breaking TV special on George Soros is now available. This special helps to explain what authors David Horowitz and Richard Poe describe in their book on Soros (“Shadow Party,” Thos Nelson, 2010) as the attack on society from below and the attack from above. Soros funds the rioters in the streets (the attack from below) and the district attorneys who let the rioters go without imprisonment (the attack from above).

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:

“It is the world’s most untold story. It seems like anarchy has descended upon virtually every aspect of American life. And yet there is a vital thread holding it all together: an enormous flow of funding coming from radical Leftist billionaire George Soros, among others. Who is this mysterious figure, George Soros? And what effect does he have on your country—and your life? This special program will take a rare look at this billionaire radical—a look that is critically important in this pivotal and tumultuous year in our nation.”

Jerry Newcombe produced and reported for the 3rd section in this program.