February 29, 2024

Segment on the SPLC’s Mislabeling Us as a Hate Group

When is hate not hate? Often when it’s labeled as such by the Southern Poverty Law Center. While identifying real hate groups, like neo-Nazis or the waning (thankfully) KKK, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) out of Montgomery, Alabama has labeled many legitimate Christian ministries, including D. James Kennedy Ministries, as an alleged “hate group.”

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes: “The Southern Poverty Law Center is cited by the media, and even law enforcement, as a clearinghouse on so-called hate groups. But it turns out that this highly partisan, hugely profitable outfit is grinding a political axe, and slandering Christians as they do. On today’s program, we’ll show you how it endangers your freedom of religion. And we’ll share with you what D. James Kennedy Ministries is doing to counter the SPLC’s ridiculous slanders.” This includes a feature produced by Jerry Newcombe, beginning about 15 minutes in, on our response to the SPLC’s false labeling us as a hate group.