February 29, 2024

Special on the Gatekeepers—How Big Tech Often Censors Christian and Conservative Content

Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter provide incredible platforms for communication. But are these neutral platforms? According to many critics, lately they have begun to often censor Christians and conservatives. D. James Kennedy Ministries has now produced a television special on this topic.

The ministry writes, “Thanks to technology, we have the world at our fingertips. But there are gatekeepers in the online world; enormous tech companies that control the flow of information, and that are now censoring Christian and conservative material. It is not discrimination from the government—but instead it comes from what are essentially media monopolies that control the internet’s public square. On this special program, we will expose the agenda of the leaders of companies like Google and Facebook, and you will see how they are censoring conservatives and Christians—and even the gospel itself.”

Guests in this program include Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, Tony Perkins, David Gibbs III, Lila Rose, David Kyle Foster, and Andrew Steven (a Silicon Valley engineer and entrepreneur, who is working to provide alternatives to Facebook (usa.life) and Google (1776.free)).


Note: the photo taken by Jerry Newcombe on location in Menlo Park, CA is part of the massive, sprawling complex of buildings where Facebook has its headquarters.