TV Feature on Dr. Nathanson Warning About Lies that Sold Us on Abortion

Dr. Bernard Nathanson co-founded NARAL and with a handful of a few others deceived America into legalizing abortion—which happened in the infamous “Roe v. Wade” decision (and its companion decision of the same day, “Doe v. Bolton”) in 1973. And now….63 million dead babies later, here we are.

But as early 1975, seeing an ultrasound convinced Dr. Nathanson that abortion was taking the lives of unborn babies—not “clumps of tissue.” From then, until his death in 2011, he tried hard to undo the damage he had helped do, even in coining the misleading phrase “pro-choice.” He accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.

In late 2009, Nathanson met with Terry Beatley of Virginia and outlined the deception they engaged in to sell America on abortion—and how sorry Dr. Nathanson was for all this.  This television segment tells of Nathanson’s (and co-horts’) deceptions to get America to accept abortion.

Here is that feature produced by Jerry Newcombe.