Video Critique of “The Shack”

D. James Kennedy Ministries describes the program “The Real Jesus” this way: “On this Palm Sunday edition of our program, we separate the facts from the fiction about Jesus Christ. You’ll discover how the Hollywood blockbuster film “The Shack” misrepresents Jesus, God, and the nature of the gospel. Dr. Kennedy shares what makes Jesus absolutely unique among the world’s religious figures.

“And we begin with Dr. Paul Maier, widely-published author and Emeritus Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, who gives a historical perspective on Jesus’ death and resurrection.

“These are historical facts that our Christian faith depends upon. If they didn’t happen, our faith is worthless, as the apostle Paul tells us.”



Be sure to watch the segment I produced dealing with the movie, “The Shack,” starting about midway into the program: