Vlog on the Tragedy of Fatherlessness

Here is Jerry Newcombe’s video-blog (vlog) on how “Fatherlessness Can Be Fatal.”





Mark J. Perry, a scholar with American Enterprise Institute, put out a chart on March 30, 2021 on fatherlessness in America. He compiled the statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics, and the chart compares the “percentage of U.S. births to unmarried women by race” for the year 2019.

The chart notes that:

  • 11.7% of Asian births in America were to unwed mothers,
  • 28.2% to white mothers,
  • 40% for all races,
  • 52% for Hispanics,
  • 69% for Americans Indians,
  • 70% for Blacks.

That explains a lot. The breakdown of the family in America is one of the leading causes of societal breakdown. The cliché is correct: “As the family goes, so goes society.”

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