Bob Knight on the Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Topic: Capitol Mob

Americans were shocked at the breach of the Capitol on Wednesday, 1/6/21, by those protesting the official confirmation of Joe Biden as president-elect. Allegations of voter fraud abound, including about a thousand poll-watchers who have filled out sworn affidavits (on threat of perjury) testifying to voter irregularities which they themselves claim to witness. Violence (from any side of the aisle) is never justified, including what happened at the Capitol. Bob Knight is a veteran journalist and the author of a book, Liberty on the Brink, published for D. James Kennedy Ministries, on voter fraud—how to prevent the left from stealing the election. He wrote the book several months before November 2020. Bob Knight also wrote an article about this attack. He joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss voter fraud and the brouhaha at the Capitol.