Vocal Point-Art Moore

Topic: Nails on the Road Greet Church-goers

During the coronavirus crisis, most churches are striving to follow the CDC guidelines so as not to infect anyone with the virus, knowingly or unknowingly. Some churches are creatively offering a means to worship through drive-in services. This happened, for example, in Kentucky on Easter Sunday. The police were out in full force to punish the would-be worshipers, and witnesses said that someone even put nails in the road so the church-goers would get flat tires. The pastor said, “Of all the places to keep you from, they should’ve put them down at the liquor store — keep people from getting drunk, going home, and killing somebody on the way….It was sad when we drove into the house of God today. Someone decided it would be nice if you all drove home with flat tires today.” Art Moore of WorldNetDaily, which has reported on this story and other examples of harassment of Christians at this time, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point. www.wnd.com

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