Vocal Point-Bill Federer

Topic: Christianity and the Founding Fathers

Were America’s founding fathers just a group of “Enlightened” skeptics and Deists? One might think so based on what is commonly said today. Bill Federer notes that that is not the case. Furthermore, a deep dive into the American founding shows that even a century before the first British settlers came to these shores, there was an intellectual movement called “Christian Hebraism,” where Christian political scholars were fascinated with the Hebrew republic (after Moses, before King Saul). Bill explains how this Biblical scholarship helped pave the way to America’s founding era (even through the time of the founding fathers). Bill Federer is a bestselling author (including many books on American history) and a highly sought after speaker. Bill has even been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court (Greece v. Galloway,2014). Bill Federer joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this aspect of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. www.americanminute.com

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