Vocal Point-Bob Knight

Topic: The Battle Over American History

One of the greatest Christian writers of our times is Bob Knight, whose articles regularly appear in the Washington Times. Recently Bob Knight wrote a piece called “Socialism, Howard Zinn and his fake history.” Knight points out: “Why do so many young people hate America and think we’d be better off as a socialist country? We’ve all heard about the impact of ‘fake news,’ but there’s something even more dangerous: Teaching ‘fake history.’” For example, Christopher Columbus went from being a hero to a villain. The Marxist of rewriting of history is a major reason why, especially Howard Zinn and his A People’s History of the United States. Knight points out that Zinn’s book “has sold more than 2.5 million copies and is in virtually every school district, university and local library.” Bob Knight joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the battle of history and the negative influence of the late Howard Zinn. www.washingtontimes.com