Vocal Point-Cathy Ruse

Topic: Sex Education

[Caution. This discussion may contain some graphic elements. Listener discretion is advised.]

What are they teaching in sex education classes in the public school these days? It is shocking. Family Research Council has a new publication alerting parents to this subject. Children are taught they could be born “in the wrong body.” Teens are shown videos of techniques to pleasure their sex partners. Students are told how to have abortions without telling their parents. LGBTQ indoctrination is in full force. Schools in Indiana send teens out to shop for condoms. Austin, Texas pre-pubescent children are taught to go all the way—vaginally, orally, and anally. In so-called “abstinent lessons” (not the kind provided by reputable sources), children are taught that abstinence means in effect mutual consent for sex. Cathy Ruse, Georgetown Law School graduate who serves as a Senior Fellow at Family Research Council, wrote this disturbing booklet. Cathy Ruse joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss today’s sex ed.  www.frc.org