Vocal Point-Chelsea Youman

Topic: Pro-life Gains in the Election

Lifenews.com reports that, despite the apparent loss of the presidency, the prolife movement made many substantial gains in Election 2020: “Even with votes still outstanding in several states, one thing is clear: Pro-life women triumphed in 2020! Just weeks after the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, at least 13 new pro-life women are headed to the U.S. House, and one new pro-life woman will join the U.S. Senate….There were also several pro-life women who came close to victory in races that no one expected to be as competitive as they were which bodes well for the future.” Chelsey Youman works with the Human Coalition Action group, which is the “public policy arm” of Human Coalition, which is described as “the largest pro-life organization in the nation operating a national rescue system for preborn children and their families.” Chelsey Youman joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss prolife victories in the election. www.hucoaction.org

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