Vocal Point-Chelsey Youman

Topic: The Fight Over the Right to Life.

There is a battle today over the right to life. America’s birth certificate is the Declaration of Independence, and it says that the Creator has given us our rights. Therefore, they should be non-negotiables. And the first right listed is the right to life. But fast forward to today, and we see a life and death struggle (no pun in intended) over the right to life, and often abortion is the tip of the spear. Here’s an example. Recently Politico.com wrote the following about the far-left governor of California: “Gavin Newsom is doubling down on his campaign to blister red states over abortion access, unveiling a new TV ad set to air in Alabama Monday where lawmakers are trying to criminalize people who help minors travel out-of-state for reproductive care.” Chesley Youman works with the Human Coalition Action group, which is the “public policy arm” of Human Coalition. Chelsey Youman joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the fight over the right to life today. www.hucoaction.org