February 29, 2024

Vocal Point-Rev. Huron Claus

Topic: American Indians and Christianity.

Is God at work today among the American Indians? Native American leader Huron Claus has much to say on this topic. Rev. Claus is the director of a ministry called CHIEF, which stands for Christian Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship. His website notes: “The greatest need among our Native tribes and nations today is Native Christian Leadership! We need examples that we can follow that impact our families, communities, churches, and tribal councils. Men and women who will be mentors to the next generation.” His website notes that there are about 9.7 million Native Americans today, representing 576 tribes, but only about 10% have been evangelized. Rev. Huron Claus joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss Christianity and the Native-Americans, past and present. www.chief.org