Vocal Point-Cicely Davis

Topic: Taking on Ilhan Omar

Not everyone in Minneapolis is happy about the direction of this major city, especially in the last year with the push to defund the police, which has resulted in skyrocketing crime. Cicely Davis has lived in Minnesota for years, having initially lived in Rochester, New York. She notes: “I remember the impact of moving to Minnesota had on me. Minnesota was clean, safe, and green. No one locked their doors, people looked for ways to get involved in the community…It was a beneficial change for me that changed the trajectory of my life and exposed me to what was possible.” But today things are different. Cicely Davis has decided to run against radical Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who supports defunding the police and supports defunding Israel’s right to defend itself. Cicely Davis joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to explain why she’s running for Congress to make a positive difference. www.cicelydavis.com

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