Vocal Point-Craig Huey

Topic: Twitter and the Battle Over Free Speech.

Is there a battle over speech, especially as seen in the revelations coming out of Twitter? Craig Huey, the publisher of the conservative Huey Report, writes about a war being waged against Elon Musk, saying QUOTE “He didn’t expect his purchase of Twitter – for which he overpaid – to result in him being the target of radical, pro-socialist, anti-free speech groups. But he is. It’s a well-coordinated attack designed to destroy his takeover of Twitter by destroying Twitter itself. Here are 5 shocking things you should know: #1: Radical activist groups have created a nearly invisible army targeting Musk and Twitter for complete destruction. #2: The strategy is to destroy Twitter by stopping advertising. #3: stoptoxictwitter.com is a coalition of over 60 pro-socialist groups promoting censorship of conservative viewpoints. #4: Leftist heads are exploding over Musk’s release of ‘The Twitter Files.’ #5: Elon Musk is being mocked and attacked every day because he wants Twitter to be a forum in which the freedom of speech is protected.” Craig Huey joins Jerry Newcombe on this latest skirmish in the battle over free speech. Craig Huey. www.craighuey.com