Vocal Point-David Closson

Topic: Biblical Worldview and Education

Battles over education have been in the news lately. David Closson is the Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview for the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. He wrote an article recently on the Left’s radical efforts to undermine parents and indoctrinate schoolchildren, entitled, “The Duty of Parents in Education.” Closson pens, “Recognizing the growing battles within education, the Associated Press published an article last Friday titled ‘Tears, politics, and money: School boards become battle zones.’ The article highlights debates in school board meetings across the country over new curriculum, how racism and American history will be taught, mask mandates, and transgender issues. How some of these fiercely debated questions are resolved will affect the trajectory of our schools and, ultimately, our nation.” David Closson joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss modern education, which often undermines a Biblical Worldview. www.frc.org

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