Vocal Point-Deborah J.A. Miller, EdD

Topic: Education Today.

Alas, much of public education today is “woke.” In the name of fighting racism, racist ideas are being promoted through the teaching of the Marxist view of Critical Race Theory. No longer, say the Critical Race Theorists, are we to judge people by the content of their character but instead by their race, Meanwhile, many schools promote the radical LGBTQ+ agenda. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, many parents were shocked about some of the indoctrination going in too many of our schools these days. Dr. Deborah J.A. Miller serves as an educational consultant working with Christian schools on various topics from mission development and implementation to board training and teacher professional development. Her passion is to inspire and equip Christian educators to fulfill their calling with excellence as a way to worship and glorify God. She has written the new book, Teacher, Do You Love Me? She notes: “Loving our children well allows us to accept and receive support from others as part of God’s provision . . . to love our children well is to remain aware of our need for God.” Dr. Deborah Miller joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss education today. www.deborahjamiller.com

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