Vocal Point-Dr. Adam Carrington

Topic: Supreme Court Decisions

Around this time of year (the end of May/early June), we await to see what our rights are or are not, according to the Supreme Court. But should it really be like this? Dr. Adam Carrington is an assistant professor of politics at Hillsdale College. He wrote an article about a recent Supreme Court decision that balanced free speech rights versus the ability of the police to do their job. He noted: “Some of these opinions concerns matters so mired in legalese that only a lawyer could take interest. But others touch upon issues known by and important to all citizens — questions regarding religion, liberty, and our structure of government.” Dr. Carrington joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this particular case and the trend of the Supreme Court to sometimes assume more power unto itself than what the Constitution grants. www.hillsdale.edu

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