Vocal Point-Dr. Craig A. Evans

Topic: The Writing and Reliability of the New Testament

There is a general myth in the culture at large that you can’t trust the Bible, including the New Testament. But that myth was actually destroyed by the science of archaeology and by the study of textual criticism. Textual criticism is not to be confused with “higher criticism,” which cast doubts—unfairly, without evidence—on the New Testament. In fact, manuscript-wise, the New Testament is the best attested collection of documents from antiquity. Dr. Craig A. Evans, a professor at Houston Baptist University, has written the scholarly new book,Jesus and the Manuscripts. He documents beyond the peradventure of a doubt that we can trust the New Testament. When were these documents written? Are they just “copies of copies of copies,” as some skeptics say? Dr. Craig A. Evans joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the writing of the New Testament and its reliability. www.craigaevans.com

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