Vocal Point-Dr. Danny Yamashiro

Topic: Trauma in the Early Lives of Some Presidents. Recorded:4/11/23

Is there any link between early trauma in their childhood and the lives of U.S. presidents? This was the subject of a Ph.D. candidate, particularly beginning with FDR through Donald J. Trump. The Ph.D. candidate was Dr. Danny Yamashiro. In a previous radio segment, to which we will link, we spoke with Dr. Danny, who fell headfirst onto a rock in the mountains of Hawaii and miraculously recovered and today serves as an evangelical chaplain to M.I.T. and also hosts a radio program called, The Good with Dr. Danny. Dr. Danny wrote a dissertation for his Ph.D. at Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL on several presidents and trauma early in their lives. For example, he notes, “Implications follow that childhood trauma is opportune for spiritual formation, social formation, and leadership formation.” Dr. Danny Yamashiro joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss trauma in the lives of some of our presidents. www.drdanny.live