April 22, 2024

Vocal Point-Dr. James Spencer

Topic: What does it mean to be a Christian nation? What does the Bible say?

America has Christian roots. But to say that America is a Christian nation today is very questionable and controversial. Dr. James Spencer, the president of the D.L. Moody Center, is the author of many books, including his newest book “Serpents and Doves,” which focuses on Christians, politics, and the art of bearing witness to Jesus. In a recent article, to which we’ll link, Dr. Spencer writes, “Despite conflicting historical evidence, 60% of U. S. adults believe the founders intended the United States to be a Christian nation and 45% believe it should be a Christian nation. So, is there a meaning of ‘Christian nation’ supported by the biblical use of ‘Christian’?” Dr. James Spencer of the Moody Center (based in Northfield, Mass.) joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss these things. www.moodycenter.org Also: www.usefultogod.com