Vocal Point-Dr. Jay Richards

Topic: “Christian Nationalism.”

Recently, the new bogeyman to watch out for, according to the left, are the “Christian Nationalists.” But what exactly is Christian Nationalism? In previous times, it was no big deal to say that America had Judeo-Christian roots. For example, after a thorough review of all the evidence, such as the original charters of the founding of America, the U.S. Supreme Court said in 1892 in the Trinity Decision, “This is a Christian nation.” That is to say, it was founded by Christians. We would add that because America began as a Christian nation, people of all faiths or no faiths are welcome here. But today the left is coming out to warn against the nefarious “Christian Nationalists.” Dr. Jay Richards of the Heritage Foundation joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss “the Left’s effort to demonize Christian Nationalism.” www.heritage.org