Vocal Point-Dr. Kenneth Stevenson

Topic: the Shroud of Turin: Objections

Some people claim there is scientific evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is housed in a cathedral in Turin, Italy. Others disagree with this notion. The Shroud of Turin, a linen cloth 14 feet by 3 feet, contains the image of a man who was badly scourged, was crucified, wore a crown of thorns, and was stabbed in the chest with a Roman spear. It is purported to be the burial of Jesus Christ. Dr. Kenneth Stevenson, author of some books on the Shroud (including Nazah, MorganJames, 2019) participated in the intense scientific study of the Shroud itself in 1978, along without about 40 space-age scientists, most of whom were American. Instead of proving the Shroud a fake, as they expected to happen in ten minutes, they were amazed by it on a number of scientific fronts. Dr. Kenneth Stevenson joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss common objections of some evangelicals against the Shroud of Turin. (In a previous discussion, they talked about the scientific exploration in 1978 of the Shroud, for which Dr. Stevenson was appointed the spokesman.

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