Vocal Point-Dr. Michael Brown

Topic: Trump and Evangelicals

Dr. Michael Brown is an author, columnist, radio host, and Christian educator. His latest book is called Evangelicals at the Crossroads. He asks, “Will we Pass “the Trump test”? Dr. Brown notes, “The evangelical church in America finds itself at a major crossroads, and the decisions we make this year will have massive implications for the years ahead. And the question we must answer is this: What do we do with Donald Trump? Do we cast our vote for Trump as a strong pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-family, pro-religious liberty president? Or does a vote for him tarnish our witness, making us guilty by association when the president behaves badly? For some, Trump is almost a savior figure, uniquely called and anointed by God. For others, he is more like the antichrist. Dr. Michael Brown joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to help sort this out.