Vocal Point-Dr. Michael Brown

Topic: The Dangers of Mob Rule

Recently, Dr. Michael Brown, Christian radio host, columnist, author, and educator, wrote a piece on the godlessness of the Pacific Northwest and the dangers of mob rule. In the piece, entitled, “We will huff and puff and burn your church down,” Dr. Brown tells of a church that invited, then disinvited a Christian speaker (Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA) who ran afoul of what Antifa activists would allow to be heard. Brown writes, “Antifa activists in Washington State allegedly threatened to burn down a church and ‘torch the neighbors’ properties too.’ This is mindlessness of the mob: take one conciliatory step in their direction and you will quickly get burned. There is nothing nice about the mob. It is ugly. It is tyrannical. It is unreasonable. It is violent. It is oppressive, not liberating. Destructive, not life-giving. It is grounded in rebellion. It operates by the power of fear. And it leads to chaos and anarchy. That’s why the mob must be resisted.” Dr. Michael Brown joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this controversy and the problem of riots we’ve seen in the last several months. www.askdrbrown.org