May 21, 2024

Topic: Religion and Founding Era of America: the Muhlenberg Brothers

Mel Gibson made famous an episode during the American War for Independence. A minister from the pulpit preached from Ecclesiastes 3, “There’s a time for a peace, and a time for war.” When he said war, he took off his clerical robe and was dressed as a colonial soldier. He then recruited about 300 men to join him to fight for his country. Rev. Peter John Muhlenberg was the real minister whom Gibson patterned his scene in “The Patriot” after. Dr. Peter Lillback is the president of Providence Forum, a group dedicated to rediscovering our nation’s rich Christian heritage. Together with Jerry Newcombe, Dr. Lillback wrote a book that became a bestseller on the faith of our nation’s found father, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. The two authors put together 26 podcasts on the faith of George Washington from virtually every angle. Now they continue with a new series of podcasts on the faith of our founding fathers. This particular discussion focuses on Peter Muhlenberg and his brother, Augustus, first Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US.