Vocal Point-Dr. Peter Lillback

Topic: America’s Christian Roots

Some today believe that the “Treaty of Tripoli,” an obscure treaty which they incorrectly claim was signed by George Washington (as opposed to John Adams), completely undermines the thesis that America has Judeo-Christian roots. What are the facts about the Treaty of Tripoli? Dr. Peter Lillback is the president of Providence Forum, a group dedicated to rediscovering our nation’s rich Christian heritage. Together with Jerry Newcombe, Dr. Lillback wrote a book that became a bestseller on the faith of our nation’s found father, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. The two authors put together 26 podcasts on the faith of George Washington from virtually every angle. Now they continue with a new series of podcasts (the “Lillback/Newcombe Conversations”) on the faith of our founding fathers. Here is a discussion on the Treaty of Tripoli.  www.providenceforum.org


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