Vocal Point-Dr. Peter Lillback

Topic: The Importance of Sermons in Early America

One of the most important messages in colonial America and even through the time of the American Revolution were sermons. America as a “city on a hill” comes from a sermon. The writing of the Connecticut constitution (the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut in 1639, a key forerunner to the U.S. Constitution) was inspired by a sermon in 1638. George Washington was a major collector of sermons. He spent many Sundays reading them aloud to Martha. Sermons played an important role even in the shaping of America. A role that is all but lost today.

Dr. Peter Lillback, founder and president emeritus of the Providence Forum, joins Jerry Newcombe, D. Min., the executive director of the Providence Forum, for another in the series of Lillback-Newcombe Conversations on America’s Judeo-Christian roots.  www.providenceforum.org

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