February 29, 2024

Topic: William Penn and Aborted Plans to Unwelcome Him at Welcome Park.

One of the most significant men who helped found America was William Penn. The state of Pennsylvania is named in honor of his family name. Penn founded Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Penn worked hard to create an atmosphere of religious tolerance, under God. But these days, you can never be politically correct enough. The National Park Service was planning to tear down his statue and replace it with Native American displays. This was in Welcome Park, a park in Philly that is named after the ship that on which Penn sailed to America. Thankfully, pushback against this plan caused the left to relent. The statue is saved—for now. Dr. Peter Lillback, the founding president of Providence Forum, for which I have the privilege to serve as the executive director, speaks often about Penn’s amazing accomplishments. Dr. Peter Lillback joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss how William Penn almost became unwelcomed at Welcome Park. www.providenceforum.org