Vocal Point-Dr. Ray Rooney, Jr.

Topic: The Not-so-United Methodists.

At one time, the Methodists were quite prominent in the United States. I remember reading in one source that about as many as 75% of Americans in the 19th century were Methodists. But recently, leaders in the United Methodist Church have gone so far to the left on theological and social issues that about 6000 churches have voted to break away from the denomination. Dr. Ray Rooney, Jr. serves as the Digital Media Editor for the American Family Association. He wrote recently an article, to which we’ll link, about why he left the United Methodist Church after serving for more than 37 years as a one of its ministers. Rooney writes, “My departure wasn’t just about the sexuality fiasco, the interpretation of Scripture, or the disregard of the church’s Book of Discipline that so many of its leaders and ministers seemed to embrace.” And Rooney was just getting started. Ray Rooney, Jr. joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss faultlines in a major denomination. www.afa.net