Vocal Point-Dr. Richard Land

Topic: The Coronavirus and Our Mortality

Death hangs over each of us like the Sword of Damocles. We’re not getting out of this thing alive, unless Jesus comes first. The recent virus crisis reminds us of our mortality. Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, recently wrote an article that appeared in the Christian Post, entitled, “Why Are We So Shocked By The Coronavirus Pandemic?” He notes that since the beginning of this year until March 30: Here are the causes of deaths around the world so far:

  • Abortion: 10,402,251
  • Communicable diseases [hepatitis, flu, measles, etc.]: 3,177,081
  • Cancer: 2,009,990
  • Smoking: 1,223,439
  • Alcohol: 612,105
  • HIV/AIDS: 411,415
  • Traffic accidents: 330, 367
  • Suicides: 262,441
  • Malaria: 240,056
  • Seasonal flu: 118,980
  • Mothers during childbirth: 75,645
  • Coronavirus: 35,016

Dr. Land wondered, “Why has the coronavirus, the ‘Great Pandemic of 2020’, caused such a complete disruption of our society and such emotional distress in our population, Christian and non-Christian alike, when there are so many more lethal causes of death bedeviling humanity? And what should Christians seek to do about it?” Dr. Richard Land joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the virus and our mortality. www.ses.edu