Vocal Point-Dr. Sharen Ford

Topic: Gay Adoption

Focus on the Family notes, “Foster Crisis Won’t Improve Without Faith-Based Agencies.” The Colorado-based ministry observes: “Focus on the Family has been advocating for faith-based adoption agencies to be allowed to exist for decades, so the news that one such organization felt it necessary to compromise their convictions is disappointing. This week Bethany Christian Services announced they will place children in adoptive LGBT families, reversing their decades-long commitment to biblical families.” Dr. Sharen Ford, director of foster care and adoption at Focus on the Family, says, “It’s heartbreaking to think that an organization I’ve respected and worked with for 30 years has been so consistently attacked and forced to fight this fight. It should never have been a fight.”  Dr. Sharen Ford joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this issue. www.fotf.org