Vocal Point-Dr. Thomas Conner

Topic: Pearl Harbor and the “Greatest Generation”

Professor of military history at Hillsdale College, Dr. Thomas Conner, wrote a piece in USA Today on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor (December 7, 2018)—especially in light of the death of George H. W. Bush, the last US president to serve in World War II. Conner observes, “Some wonder how the generation of 2018, or 2028, would respond to a national emergency on the scale of another Pearl Harbor. Others point to the simple virtues of President Bush and his generation—love of country, devotion to family, toughness, enterprise, humility, service above self—and worry that this kind of leadership may never come again. Many doubt that the country, in its current state of mind and heart, can produce public men or women of such noble sort anymore.” Dr. Thomas Conner joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this. www.hillsdale.edu